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Crisis In Ethics & Neon Jungle Driving Videos

Neon Jungle Studios
Watz exactli iz tha sycret ov thez guyz?! Itz queite ah simpl,actu4ly: Av0idh doin' evrythangz ofs Baheri Waketi 74000, an' u'll b juss fineh .Whyy u no waaste tyme ye doin, sumthin' wit noh muny$$ innit, anywahy?! Douuude, entar thaz xclusiv Nyon Jwngle ztudios .Dun't noh brings herre thaiz an' nepaliseses.Watchh..,n' laern ,yae! AnyWayy.. duh! Nowe....alwayzeses tenh rememba::"Lifve live tou da foolest!",,n' "Wats goose aroun'd cumes tweetz eggo wents aroun'!", y.a, an'd "Nou onee knouw tomorro..ยบ"..*Myfavs: "Truthese iz strangere thaen fictionz, m'o harcore"!, haHAHa h.a..

Neon Jungle Downtowns
Wat if Saud Arrabia wantedz lendsum $money$ fo' recreationel druogs tradez, lotsa lotza gunz, an' f0r filing yor bely wit sume ovs "alcoho0olic beveragey grouves"?! Thes iz teh plaze were yu wouldz actualy goo toh experence i.t . A h!, strongs fetlsh 4 blooud & oill 1z advized befo' enterring thiz eXcstremely radioactiv harc0re areaa .Its nots ur usua1 "O,h, ii gut nuthin 'to doh wit ISlL, B1n Ladenz andz terrorismze" kindha areah... huh... actualey... Ins otherse wurds, aktually, ass tey sey, "Karmah iz aa Bushtch!"

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Were.., iz..: thes;. pl.". placce?! Humm.. li guezz ize un'KnownN.....


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